Indonesian Green Coffee Beans

Indonesian unroasted coffee beans are sourced from the farmers to us, and from us to your coffee roaster at home or in-store. Our wide range of Indonesian green coffee beans includes varieties from Sumatra, Bali, Java, Sulawesi, and maybe even more at any given time - not to mention the included unroasted beans from Papua New Guinea!

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This has an anise flavor which adds spice to the dark chocolate and vanilla bean flavors.
Lots of Body with very high acidity with notes of Strawberry, Watermelon, Papaya and Cane Sugar giving it a very sweet taste.
Muted, earthy, fruit tones and a strong caramelly overtone that permeates the pallette all the way through to the aftertaste.
A sample pack of some of our favorite unroasted Indonesian coffee beans!
Java Estate Kayumas is rich, low acidity, medium bodied coffee with notes of dark chocalate, cinnamon and hints of nougat.
Cupping notes include peat, baking spice, light baker's chocolate.
This outstanding decaf is a multiple-origin blend named in honor of that lovely blue flower that blooms before sunrise, is vibrant all day and calls it quits by sundown. Citrus, bright, good body, milk chocolate sweetness, balanced, less decaf taste.
From the Arokara Cooperative in the East Highlands of Papua New Guinea this green coffee bean has notes of dark chocolate and plum with wine like acidity.
Bright acidity and creamy body with notes of berries, caramel, malt, and citrus.
Cane sugar sweetness, medium acidity and creamy body with savory caramel and slight chocolate overtones.
Cane sugar sweetness, medium acidity, and creamy body with sweet caramel overtones and a slight cocoa note on the finish.
From the Indonesian island previously known as Celebes. This coffee is a personal favorite - an outstanding cup for those who like full-bodied & aromatic. Clean, sweet, and earthy with a heavy body, low acidity, and notes of pepper and spice- a classic Indonesian coffee.

Why Is Bali Organic Blue Moon Coffee So Popular?

One reason for the wide success of Bali Organic Blue Moon Coffee is the entirely natural process from seedlings to sippin’. People have been cultivating coffee by the “organic” method since its very beginnings. While this “natural” method went out of fashion for a long stretch in much of the world, in Bali it never did. Many growers in Bali subscribe to the traditional Hindu philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which teaches harmony with God, others, and the environment. Such a life philosophy interacts well with organic coffee production.

In many areas of Bali, coffee continues to be produced as it always has been produced, “in harmony with the environment”. Moreover, Bali government tightly regulates the coffee industry, which give its picking, handling, and processing methods excellent quality control. In Bali, both religious philosophy and government input work together to create an excellent product that Bali coffee lovers can depend on.

But the inherent goodness of the production method isn’t the only goodness of which this coffee boasts. The coffee itself is like a wonderful secret known only to a few roasters. This coffee is smooth and even somewhat syrupy in the mouth. It has both sweet chocolate and vanilla flavors that are enhanced by a spicy taste of anise.

One may also note a hint of citrus flavor, due to the fact that these beans are grown in the shade of orange and tangerine trees. So, whether you’re “in on the secret” or your here to try your first cup, it isn’t hard to see why our Bali Blue Moon Organic beans are a good seller -easy on the wallet and the pallet.

Popularity of the Papua New Guinea Organic

Much like the farmers from Bali, coffee growers in Papua New Guinea are unfamiliar with the chemicals and herbicides that are often used in coffee production. So, much of the coffee exported from Papua New Guinea is necessarily organic. Our FTO beans from this region are grown in the Eastern highlands by over 3,000 farmers joined together in the Highland Organic Agricultural Cooperative.

But, what is the specific draw of these organic beans? The flavor! You can expect to find the sweetness of cane sugar and caramel, with a hint of cocoa on the finish. This coffee has a medium acidity and a creamy body, making it great for blending. It also is a great choice for a dark or espresso roast. Try these beans once and you may find them showing up as a regular addition to your repertoire.

What Are Some Unique Characteristics of Indonesian Green Coffee?

We have highlighted a couple of the most popular Indonesian coffees, but there are several other hidden treasures to be found in this fourth-largest coffee producing area of the world. Indonesia’s location near the equator and mountainous islands offer numerous microclimates that are perfect for growing coffee. Outside of Bali and Papua New Guinea, some of the more notable regions are Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java, and Timor.

In general, Indonesian beans are known for having low to medium acidity, yet are rich in taste and full bodied with a great finish. So, it’s no wonder that so much of the world’s coffee is from this region. To explore more of our Indonesian beans, try one of our Indonesian Sample Packs.

Or, do your own exploring on our coffee bean matrix. There you can filter for Indonesian beans and compare the unique profiles of each kind of coffee bean. Whether your a first timer or you’ve grown to love Indonesian coffees, our wide selection of desirable varieties will keep you coming back for more to fill your cup and satisfy your curiosity.

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