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Sulawesi Kalossi


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From Sulawesi, the Indonesian island previously known as Celebes, "Kalossi" is the former Dutch word for the island. It predates "Toraja" as a name for this coffee. The Kalossi is an outstanding cup for those who like a full-bodied, aromatic, wild and spicy, highly-complex brew, and a little funkier than the Toraja. You will be able to smell the earthy nuttiness of the freshly-brewed coffee from 100 feet away. Equally good for jump-starting your day!

Compared to the Toraja, the Kalossi picks up some additional earthy character from the additional chaff.

Try before you stock up with a 1/2 pound sample!

Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • CountryIndonesia
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • Brightness:5
  • Body:5
  • Aroma:5
  • Complexity:5
  • Balance:6
  • Sweetness:4
  • Spicy:heavy bean
  • Chocolaty:heavy bean
  • Nutty:heavy bean
  • Buttery:-
  • Fruity:-
  • Flowery:-
  • Winey:-
  • Earthy:heavy bean

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Shade grown coffee from the Indonesian island previously known as Celebes. This Toraja coffee is the "sleeper" on this site, and our personal favorite.
Brilliant acidity, a medium body, and sweet flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar, and fine chocolate. It is impeccably balanced with a long, satisfying finish
This has an anise flavor which adds spice to the dark chocolate and vanilla bean flavors.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by on November 21, 2021

Roasted to Full City/+ on an SR800 with ext. tube. Actually went a little darker than I had intended. Took the roast along the same time/temps as previous City/City+ roasts, but it really progressed quickly. Second crack came soon after first, so be aware. A pleasant spice was probably the first thing I tasted. That and an earthy nuttiness were the most prevalent flavors. Didn't taste the chocolate per the writeup. The finish produced a slight floral taste. All in all a good bean, just not in my preferred flavor wheelhouse.

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by on August 14, 2021

What a nice surprise this coffee was. I took it just passed the first crack to a dark chestnut color.

Was this review helpful?

by on June 23, 2021

this is our second order we will order again when this is gone

Was this review helpful?

by on February 18, 2021

Quality is good (but my roasting needs work!) Beans are uniform and roast evenly. Will try removing before the second crack on this next batch, but the first batch was definitely drinkable, just needs finessing. They also packed the beans very well. I received an intact, well-filled bag in a timely fashion. Other suppliers sent beans in flimsy bags that burst during shipping. I will buy from them again.

Was this review helpful?

by on October 28, 2020

Great flavor! The beans are fairly uniform & roast pretty evenly. Med-dark seems to offer the best profile for me

Was this review helpful?

by on October 15, 2020

This is really good coffee. I'm new to roasting and it still turned out tasting great. I did burn second batch by going too dark but I think just beyond second crack is good for me. Want to try the Torajo next.

Was this review helpful?

by on October 3, 2020

Nice flavor roasted well. Smooth and rich

Was this review helpful?

by on August 15, 2020

We recently got a sample pack of 12 different beans and this was, by far, my family's favorite. I roasted in a hot air popcorn popper for about 4 minutes or so and it is delicious! We have ordered more since the original order. Definitely a well rounded smooth cup of coffee with a little unique flavor.

Was this review helpful?

by on August 15, 2020

I like a funkier Indonesian to be sure, but this is a very smooth drinker. It's got complexity, but a smooth finish.

Was this review helpful?

by on January 20, 2020

Great stuff. I roast it in a conventional gas oven. One heaping pint of beans spread over a 12-inch splatter screen for 70 [email protected] degrees.

Was this review helpful?

by on December 17, 2019

City roast this and enjoy the smooth landscapes of chocolate and rich nutty flavors!! Very low acid and crazy smooth. Even it you let it get cold on you it stays wonderful even in the cooled down state! Last time I tasted Kalossi this good was back in the 1980’s in San Mateo California. Every one who I shared a cup with has given it two thumbs up 👍🏽👍🏽☕️

Was this review helpful?

by on December 11, 2018

This is my go to coffee bean because of its rich and flavorful aroma and fruity palate. It's very consistent in taste and most enjoyable after a full first crack in my roasting experience. I tried quite of few beans before celebrating this find. I enjoy it every morning as a shot of espresso added to a full cup of French press. That's the best of both coffee styles united!

Was this review helpful?

by on November 23, 2018

I've been home roasting for nearly two decades. I've tried dozens of varieties and for me, this is THE king of all coffees! In the last two years I have introduced many people to MY blend, half Sulawesi, and they will drink nothing else now. I've gone from ordering 25# once a hear to 25# about every quarter! I've created a MONSTER! Thanks CBC for consistently providing me with my favorite bean!

Was this review helpful?

by on October 18, 2018

I'm totally new to roasting. Totally new to how good a cup of coffee can be. But all my friends that I've served this coffee to have loved it and I see no reason to disagree with them.

Was this review helpful?

by on September 9, 2018

You definitely have to hit the sweet spot when roasting this bean. City roast seems to be where the nuttiness and sweetness shine. Do not go into second crack with this one.

Was this review helpful?

by on May 7, 2018

One of best beans we have purchased. Will by again and again....

Was this review helpful?

by on March 9, 2018

This particular coffee is what got me into home-roasting 18 years ago. I really love Sulawesi coffees in general, but the Kalossi varital has always been my favorite. But, is has been hard to source for many years from green bean suppliers I've used. Coffee Bean Corral has it and that has led me to ordering this along with several other harder to source coffees they carry. I'm not one of those people that can identify a dozen different flavors from a coffee. But I know what I like and this coffee is one of my all time favorites drum-roasted to just the first few snaps of 2nd C. Kalossi has a very smooth depth that is not too earthy as some Sulawesi's can be. I use this as a single-origin and in my blends too. Thanks to the folks here at CBC, I'm reunited with Kalossi again.

Was this review helpful?

by on March 6, 2018

This is my favorite green bean available on your site! I roast it to the first crack for the best flavor and smell. It's an awesome bean for either an espresso or a French press cup of coffee!

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