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Dual Basket Coffee Bean Cooler

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We've got a VERY cool new product dropping this week, and we think you'll be a fan!

After getting many requests from y'all for a compact, sleek coffee cooling system, we've found something that we just had to have, and after just a few roasts with it we were hooked!

This compact but powerful roasting tray operates on the same principle that professional, industrial coolers use -- pulling air through the bed of roasted coffee to simultaneously remove chaff and cool the beans rapidly!

In our testing, this cooling fan with a powerful fan can drop the temp from the high-400s to hand-cool in less than a minute for a 300 g roast! This doesn't only save time, but it also quickly stops the roasting process so the roast degree you're shooting for is the one you get!

Also, if you're tired of finding those pesky pieces of chaff in your grinder or on your counter, this cooling tray is the perfect one for you! It's got two baskets -- the upper basket's wire floor is the perfect weave to allow chaff and broken bits of coffee to pass through, separating out the whole beans so you don't have the mess! The lower basket has a very fine wire mesh that collects any chaff and bean bits so you can easily drop them in the trash!

This cooling tray solves multiple pesky problems and has become our absolute favorite roasting accessory that we've tried so far! We're excited to share it with you starting today!


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Customer Reviews

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December 12, 2023

This is a great addition to my home roasting equipment and workflow. It is easy to assemble, use and clean up. It cools the beans quickly and efficiently. I would buy this product again and encourage any home roaster that needs a cooling tray to try this one.

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November 20, 2023

I’m super impressed with the efficiency in which this cools beans. Less than two minutes to room temp. Makes it so much more pleasant than colander to colander.

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October 12, 2023

I love this product!!!! My partner laughed when he open it and said it would never work and why did I waste my money. But the next day he said we would try it. We tried it and it worked perfectly. It cooled the bean in about two to three minutes and most of the chaff was pulled away from the beans. Great product. Maybe they will make a bigger one in the future.

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October 5, 2023

Excellent tool cooled quickly and removed most of the chaff

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September 28, 2023

I love this machine. It took no time at all to cool my beans that are over 400F and removes any remain pieces and chaff. Nothing but clean beans. Makes me think of the old "Cool Beans" Great addition to my roasting.

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