AeroPress Original Coffee Maker
AeroPress Original Coffee Maker with Tote Bag
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The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker is an innovative product to be sure, but don't let it scare you. Check out one of the following short (1.8 minute) videos to see just how easy it is to use...and clean the AeroPress Original Coffee Maker.

Click this link for a quick cleaning video!

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker with Tote Bag includes everything you see in the picture, including a pack of 350 filters, the filter holder, a measuring scoop and a stir stick. Replacement parts are available, but not necessary unless you run out or lose something.

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker is an entirely new way to make coffee...with exceptional results! The result of several years of applied research and testing by one of America's foremost inventor/engineers, Alan Adler, President of Aerobie, Inc., holder of about 40 US patents, and lecturer in mechanical engineering at Stanford University.

Look how simple and easy it is to use:

  • Use ANY grind you like or have - no need for an espresso grinder
  • Heated water and (2 scoops of) grounds are mixed for about 10 seconds, then
  • Gentle pressure (weight of your hand) is applied to the clear plunger, pushing the mix through a micro-filter (360 included), finishing the process in about 20 seconds
  • The above cup will have more of an espresso taste profile; to achieve an excellent drip-style cup make a few minor alterations to the process:
  • Use two AeroPress Original Coffee Maker scoops of a finer-than-normal grind
  • Place the brewing cylinder on top of your mug/cup
  • Fill the brewing cylinder to the top of the "2" oval with hot water
  • Mix the grinds and water for a count of 10
  • Depress the plunger as above until you make a "puck" in the bottom, then
  • Remove the cylinder from your cup and add hot water to fill your mug
  • Technically this is called an Americano, but it will make one of the richest, best-tasting cups of coffee you have ever had.

You may have to experiment a little to get the perfect combination for your specific tastes; just know there are many variables that affect the taste, and proceed accordingly. Of course, using fresh-roasted beans will make the biggest difference (try home roasting if you haven't already), but also the size of the grind, the temperature (and quality) of the water, the steep time, and the length (time) of your extraction will all make a difference. So, if your first attempt doesn't achieve coffee nirvana, try again.

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker, in my opinion, is the most significant improvement to coffee drinking since the renaissance of home coffee roasting. Try it! You won't regret it.

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker looks more like a French Press than any other recognizable brewer, but there are significant differences:

  • The filter in a French Press is at the top of the brewing mixture and gets clogged frequently (even using the recommended COARSE grind), not to mention leaving significant residue
  • The filter on the AeroPress Original Coffee Maker is at the bottom, and is a micro-filter, enabling you to use any grind you like (or have available)...and leaves no residue due to the fine texture of the filter. The filter is fine enough to enable you to store your brew as a concentrate for later.
  • The concentrate is very rich, making it great for Americanas or to mix with frothed milk for a latte-ish espresso drink
  • Shorter brew time yields a smoother, less-bitter tasting cup of coffee
  • Brews up to 4 cups (two REAL cups) or just a "shot" if you prefer.
  • Great for traveling, using in a restaurant (order hot water or tea...and keep the teabag), camping, boating, etc - all you need is ground coffee and hot water!
  • Inexpensive...especially for an American-made (actually USA) product.
  • Additional filters are also available in packs of 350.

The AeroPress Original Coffee Maker has an impressive list of endorsements, as well as annual competitions for brewing coffee in its honor. Send me your comments...or a specific recipe you would like to share - the best way is to click on "write a review".

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