Hottop "B" roaster + 5 lbs of beans

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The  Digital Hottop drum roaster - includes 5 pounds of green beans

The Original Hottop AND the Digital Hottop roasters are no longer available - the current model “P” is fully programmable…and digital,
while the new model “B” is manual, and digital,

All the Hottop roasters come with FIVE pounds of coffee (two bags with 2.5 lbs in each) - free!You also get a free pair of heat-resistant gloves to use when handling the “hot” roaster parts…or to remind you that is does get hot, very hot!

  • one of the 2.5 lb bags is a coffee of our choice
  • YOU select the coffee in the other 2.5 lb bag: select any coffee we carry with a regular 1 lb price of $7.50 or less, then write it in “customer instructions” on the last page during checkout

    Hottop Coffee Roaster

     you to download the Owner’s manual (in PDF format)


  • Those who already have one of the older, discontinued Hottop models shown above (original 8828 and digital 8828-D models) can take advantage of this new technology by purchasing an upgrade kit consisting of a new control panel and main circuit board, as well as detailed instructions - everything you need to convert to the “B” model. The kits are available from us or from Hottop directly.


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