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What is this "coffee matrix" thing and how do I use it?

The Coffee Matrix is our attempt to quantify a number of subjective taste attributes and flavor characteristics in our coffees. This is not quantum physics, but rather our attempt to quantify subjective things like taste. As such, feel free to disagree; your opinion is always the most important, since it's your taste.

We use a two-tiered approach to establish our ratings: we cup in the usual manner, slurping and swooshing, AND we then take our time evaluating each coffee by drinking each as drip-brewed coffee, just like most of you do every day. Our ratings are a compilation of those efforts. We roast both batches to a city – full city roast (medium dark brown with a slight sheen to the beans) in fluid-air bed roasters, to achieve consistency at the roast style where most of our rated attributes are at or near their peak.

Ratings are subjective and our system is not designed to rank coffees in any order of preference. In other words, a higher rated coffee is not necessarily a better coffee than one with lower ratings in any area, nor (if you add up the scores) is a higher total better than a lower one. We do not designate any coffee as good or bad; you are the only one who can do that, based on your own personal tastes.
The Matrix is designed to help you select coffees you may like by helping you identify what characteristics are important to you and using that information to identify other coffees you may like.

Whether you are new to roasting or an experienced coffee aficionado, begin by picking the coffees you like and identifying their characteristics using the Matrix. Then use the Matrix’s search function to find others with the same or similar characteristics and ratings.
We hope you enjoy the experience, and more importantly, the results.

The Components

  • Info Icon / Coffee Name - click on either of these for the written description of the coffee.
  • Price per Pound - the price for one pound of this coffee (or for 1/2 a pound on the .5 lb quantity). Click on the  to see quantity discounts (and save money).
  • Order - You can now order directly from the matrix: enter your quantity (you can change it later if you like) and hit the  or  button. The "SAVE" button will add your chosen item(s) to your saved order. Just log in or sign up if this is your first time and your saved order will always be there for you when you return.
    A pop-up window will appear showing what you have added or saved to your order; close it and you will return to where you were.
  • Shopping cart totals are visible in the upper right corner of any page. If your total seems incorrect, click the refresh icon  to refresh the results and view your correct totals. Sometimes after adding a product, the page doesn't properly refresh on the return back.
  • View Cart / Checkout icon - This is always available to you while shopping the matrix. Click on this whenever you want to see everything in your shopping cart and/or check out.

How to use the Matrix and Search function

  • Read the descriptions of each rating & attribute to find out what you're looking for...
    or look up the ratings & attributes for a coffee you know you like and note them
  • enter the ratings for coffees you would like to search for, remembering to use the "equals" or "greater than" for each rating you use. You can use as many or as few as you like, but a coffee has to meet ALL selected ratings to show up, so the more you use, the narrower your search.
  • do the same with the taste attributes you want
  • click on "Show Me!" and your results will be displayed
  • repeat as often as you like - have fun with it!

Printing your results: easy - merely click the print icon on your browser window.

We hope you enjoy perusing the matrix and find it helpful in sorting through all the coffee choices you have.

Happy Roasting !!

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