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$100 Gift Certificate

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Does someone you know love making things from scratch? Are they true coffee snobs who like to know where each bean comes from? Or are they just control freaks who want everything just so? A $100 gift certificate is great for anyone who is into roasting or looking to upgrade their roasting or grinding gear.

Gift certificates are a great way to share the joy of unroasted coffee beans with your friends and family, or as prizes for events and raffles.

Gift Certificate FAQ

When and how will I receive my gift certificate?

Immediately, via email.

How do I send a gift certificate to someone else?

When you buy a gift certificate, you will receive two emails: one is your receipt, the other is the gift certificate. Forward the gift certificate email to the lucky recipient, or print it!

Where can I use Coffee Bean Corral gift certificates?

Coffee Bean Corral gift certificates can only be used on our website.

When do the gift certificates expire?


What should I do if I placed a gift certificate order, but I haven't received either or both of the emails?

If you don't receive BOTH emails within 15 minutes, check your spam folders! Sometimes automated emails get caught in them. If you're charged for the gift certificate and the emails never get through to you, give us a call and have your order info handy. We will give you the gift certificate number over the phone.

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