Green Beans

All of our coffee us sold as green (unroasted) coffee beans. We do not sell roasted coffee beans.

We do not accept returns on coffee beans for various reasons:

  • Coffee is in the food category and cannot be returned unless spoiled. Green coffee beans do not spoil for a long time – a year or two from the time of harvest. We don not sell beans over a year old (unless they are an aged varietal).

  • Green coffee beans look very much alike, with exceptions of course according to subspecies, etc., but we cannot definitively tell one similar bean from another. Yet, our integrity is on the line with every bean we sell to you, so keeping beans well marked is a serious issue and we would lose that if we accepted returned beans. There is no acceptable way for us to be guaranteed that beans being returned to us are exactly what they are supposed to be. We won’t accept them back for return to our stock.

  • Suggestion: If you are not sure you will like a particular coffee, start with a small order- that’s why we sale ½ pound quantities.


About the worst thing that can happen to Coffee Bean Corral is for us customer to be unhappy with something they purchased for us, but we all know it will happen. Therefore, when it does happens we will work with our customer to develop a win-win solution for both of us. Although each individual situation is different here are our general guidelines:

If you are dissatisfied because:

“The product is BROKEN when it arrives”

  • Notify us immediately, but no longer than 5 business days from the date you receive the product (our tracking system will verify dates of delivery).

  • Save all packing material including the shipping box- we cannot accept a damaged claim without it.

  • We will try to determine the cause of the damage and see to it the product is replaced in as timely a manner as possible.

  • You will not pay for any shipping for replacement, but we appreciate your help in repacking it for return shipment. IT should be repacked to insure that not additional damage will occur in the return shipping.

  • WE will determine if the product is to be returned and to whom it will be returned to, either our warehouse or to the manufacturer.

“The product is not physically damaged, but does not work”

  • Notify us immediately, or as soon as it becomes inoperable, but no later than the end of the warranty period, usually one year from the purchase dates. We will be able to supply you with a copy of the invoice if you need it, just ask.

  • Product defect is a warranty issue and we will direct you to the manufacturer or distributor, and do whatever we can to help facilitate repairs or replacement in a timely manner

  • We cannot be responsible for and shipping for replacement if it is covered under a warranty. This will be either covered by the distributor or at your expense and you help will be needed for repacking the product for return shipment. Return shipping must be authorized by us and or the distributor prior to the product being returned.

“For whatever reason, YOU JUST DON”T WANT IT”

  • Notify us within 30 days of receipt to receive a return authorization number (our tracking system will verify the purchase date). We will ask why you want to return it so we will know what to do with it when it arrives. Return shipping cost will be at your expense.

  • Enclose a copy of your invoice, with the return authorization number written on it and or the email authorizing the return.

  • Repack the product securely and insure it for the retail value.

  • Our return shipping address is: Coffee Bean Corral, LLC

    • 1721 Shady Grove Road

    • Goodman, MS 39079

Upon our receiving the product, we will issue a refund using the same method as the item was originally purchased, i.e. credit card, Pay pal, etc. Shipping charges are non-refundable. In addition there will be a re-stocking fee deducted from your refund as follows:

  • 10% if the product is unused, in its original box and repackaged as originally received. This is to include all manuals and other items like brushed or scoops exactly as it was received.

  • 20% if the items have been used, but are clean, in good condition, and is packaged in its original packing material and box. In other words, would a reasonable person buy it as “used”? (The answer should be “YES”).

  • 25% if NOT in the original manufacturer’s box or if the product has not been cleaned and is still dirty from use- would a reasonable person buy it as “used”? (probably not)

Having products returned to us is very serious business to us and to you as a customer. We strive to make buying from CBC an enjoyable event and therefore work with customers to assist the in buying what is right for them. We therefore spend a lot of time asking questions and helping our customer make their purchased and not in pressure selling.


We thank you for placing your business with Coffee Bean Corral!!

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