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Myanmar Coffee Beans

Myanmar has been growing coffee since 1885. However, they were a closed country, and sold no beans on the world market until relatively recently. Myanmar, also known as Burma, was ruled by a military dictatorship for the last several decades until 2011. Under the new more civilian run government, Myanmar emerged from its long isolation. Since then, many economic development projects have been launched to aid the country in healthy growth. One such initiative was a USAID project that focused much energy on reestablishing foreign trade in the age old coffee industry.

Since its launch, the resurgence has been rather startling, and Myanmar has become something of a rising star in the coffee industry. Typically, coffee beans are grown on small farms and then sent for nearly immediate processing by larger coffee groups. Due to the helpful oversight, influence, and good practices established by the USAID project, the coffee industry is now thriving. And, when you roast your first cup from Myanmar, you’ll see why. This bright and bold coffee is velvety smooth with a sweet, buttery, creaminess you’ll love.

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