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Past Crop Coffees

As we negotiate lot contracts for the upcoming coffee harvest year, we're encountering higher and higher per-pound pricing, especially for beloved and sought-after origins. This is to be expected as prices in general steadily climb across the world, but that doesn't make it any easier for our coffee-roasting customers at home. Many of you have expressed a desire for some lower-priced options, we've decided to experiment by bringing in a Mexican coffee from the 2021/2022 harvest year -- known in the green coffee industry as a "past-crop coffee." Until now, every coffee in our lineup is from the current crop year, and we're committed to keeping up that high standard of freshness and quality. So as we experiment with a Past Crop offering, we want to make sure that we communicate clearly so you know exactly what you'll be getting when you try it. Though this coffee is a bit older, our own Certified Q Grader, Catherine Mansell, cupped and scored this coffee last week, and she gave it a grade of 78. It's a quality coffee with good flavor and body, but some signs of age were detected, including hints of woody flavor in the cup. While this coffee isn't for everybody, we think it'll fill in a gap for our customers who want to save money and who plan to roast this coffee within the next few months, or even incorporate it into a blend. Because this is a past-crop offering at a low price point, we won't be accepting returns or refunds. If this type of strategically purchased past-crop coffee fills a need for our customers, we want to provide it as a clearly-labeled option, so if saving money is something you're interested in, we hope you'll give it a try!
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