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1lb Valved Coffee Bags with Logo Set of 5

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Poly stand-up Ziplock pouches with One-way valve for de-gassing and storing roasted coffee.

  • Each large bag holds 1 lb of roasted coffee.
  • Each order is for a pack of 5 bags.
  • These handy little bags are an inexpensive way to store your freshly-roasted beans without taking up a lot of space, but/and they are disposable.
  • When reusing a bag we recommend wiping out any oils from your previous coffee before adding new coffee.
  • Each bag will retain its seal for a dozen uses or more depending on how clean you keep the seal.
  • Use a magic marker to write the name of the coffee (and whatever else you want to record), then fill one right out of the roaster and let it degas through the one-way valve. Your coffee will stay fresh without the bag billowing like a balloon, enabling you to stack 'em up on their sides, or stand 'em up next to each other; either way takes up a lot less space than canisters.
  • These 1 lb size bags are silver on the front and the back with a clear window, and measure 6 3/4" W x 11 1/2" H with a 4" gusset that makes them stand up when full.


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October 22, 2022

Was really disappointed to see the brand graphics printed on these bags. I’ve been using CBC unbranded bags for a while to pack coffee that I roast for my friends.

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