Dominican Republic Green Coffee Beans

If you love Caribbean grown coffees, you will love our Dominican Republic green coffee beans. They are characterized by sweet, smooth, creaminess. They’re exactly what you’d expect from island grown coffee. The long growing season of this country lends itself to high quality beans that are able to ripen more slowly. But, each variety we offer has its own unique traits.

All of our beans come from the Ramirez Estate, but each bean is processed differently, creating a different taste. So, read the profiles of each and decide for yourself which sounds most appealing. Whichever coffee you choose, the Ramirez Estate is a shining example of an estate that values its workers, the environment, and the community. It’s a pleasure to partner with them in bringing you excellent coffee you can feel good about.

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** 21/22 crop has arrived! **
With milky notes of vanilla, and a nutty aftertaste, with heavy strawberry aromas that carry over into a stone fruit flavor.
Smooth and low in acid, with a creamy body. Aromas and tasting notes of almonds, walnuts, and chocolate.
** 21/22 crop has arrived! **
Smooth creamy body. Sweet undertones, butter, cream, and nuts.

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