Latin American Coffees Sample Pack


Central American Coffees Sampler CENAM-SAMPLER
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Latin American Coffees
Rarely, we may substitute a similar variety due to availability.
  • Bolivia Organic Apolo
    Cupping notes: Heavy caramel aromas, mild orange acidity, and chocolate flavors with a medium to light body and good sweetness
  • Costa Rica El Conquistador Tarrazu
    Fruity, nutty characteristics that make this region’s coffees famous. Brightness, body, complexity, aroma and good balance are all clearly apparent.
  • Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB
    Maple, orange, milk chocolate and fruit notes; syrupy body, juicy acidity; sweet and complex.
  • Mexico Rancho San Francisco Chiapas
    Medium body, medium acidity, smoky with almond nuttiness and slight hints of peach.
  • Nicaragua: Finca La Rubia SHB, Jinotega
    Brown sugar aroma, sweet and lingering chocolatey aftertaste and crisp acidity with notes of citrus, orange, peach, and dark chocolate.
raw green bean Green coffee is raw Roast prior to consumption

Some of our favorite unroasted Latin American coffees!

  • CountryBrazil
    Costa Rica
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • ProcessOther

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Customer Reviews

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by on November 23, 2021

Never have bought coffee in bean form, and was a bit surprised at the variety available. So, we went with the sample pack. We are just getting started on that, but the first couple pots have been quite good. We did quickly discover that our current electric "coffee/spice" grinder is inadequate and very noisy, so an actual coffee grinder has been purchased. 4 stars just because we are new at this. 5 stars for the beans and for the prompt and courteous service. Thank you.

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by on October 7, 2020

Really happy with this sample pack overall. It was a great selection of beans and helped us decide what we wanted to purchase in larger quantities. Our favorite was the 'Mexico Rancho San Francisco Chiapas' for the beautiful balance of flavors and complexity- it's a great anytime coffee that we could, and did, drink all day. The runners up were the Costa Rican & Guatemalan beans. I definitely recommend trying one of the sample packs.

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by on August 27, 2020

Costa Rica was definitely my favorite. I usually drink dunkin medium roast if that helps. I do sweetened creamer. I basically burnt the Guatemalan but I've had it before and it's pretty sharp. IMO, it's better for espresso in specialty drinks.

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by on January 21, 2019

Costa Rica was the best. Thought the cracks from the Guatemala were inconsistent, making it hard to control the roast.

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