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Organic Coffees Sampler


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Organic Coffees
  • Bali Organic Blue Moon Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    This has an anise flavor which adds spice to the dark chocolate and vanilla bean flavors.
  • Brazil Organic Santa Cristina Natural Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Brazil Organic Santa Cristina
  • Colombia Organic Sierra Nevada FTO Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Colombia Organic FT Sierra Nevada
  • Ethiopian Organic Yergacheffe Natural Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    Chocolatey with a carmelly texture, heavy fruits, and a sweet honeyness.
  • Honduras Organic 18 Rabbit Marcala Qty: 1/2 lb bag (sample)
    The 18 Rabbit farms are owned by SeƱora Flhor, her mother, and 11 other members of her immediate and extended family.

A sample pack of several of our organic coffee favorites!

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