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Huila is also an Excelso coffee bean with a screen size of 15-16. While this coffee bean is a classic Colombian, it is slightly lighter-bodied when compared to the Bucaramanga (heavier) and the Popayan (heaviest). Expect chocolate flowers dancing on your taste buds!

This variety has been described as "a Kenyan that moved to Colombia," having great balance, and yet is rich, nutty and sweet; the longer it sat in the cup the sweeter it got. Milder and lighter than the other Colombians, it is a nice cup of coffee for watching the sun go down, or with a fine, light dessert after dinner. This coffee has matured since the last cupping, several years ago. The floral notes are more pronounced and the sweetness has mellowed. There is an "oak aged" quality comparable to the balance found in whiskeys and wines with that label. Enjoy.

Try before you stock up with a 1/2 pound sample!

Coffee Bean Matrix Attributes

  • CountryColombia
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedNo
  • ProcessWashed
  • DecaffeinatedNo
  • Altitude (meters)1,520-1,650
  • Brightness:2
  • Body:4
  • Aroma:5
  • Complexity:3
  • Balance:4
  • Sweetness:2
  • Spicy:-
  • Chocolaty:heavy bean
  • Nutty:-
  • Buttery:heavy bean
  • Fruity:heavy bean
  • Flowery:medium bean
  • Winey:heavy bean
  • Earthy:-
  • RegionHuila
  • VarietyCaturra, Typica
  • HarvestOctober-February
  • DryingSun dried

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Spices and herbs (plus some crunched-up flowers) in this cup, tastes that linger on your palate. Fruity overtones of raspberry, blueberry, and orange with dark chocolate that nicely balance the florals and spice.
A sparkling, clean, lemon-orange brightness with chocolate and nutty overtones that carry through to the long, complex finish.

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by on July 26, 2019

I first fell in love with African coffees a couple of years ago, and when I read the description of this one being a Kenyan that moved to Colombia I just had to try it - especially since my favorite Kenyan wasn't available. I love how smooth this coffee is. I roast it right up to the second crack and let it sit until the next day. It is resilient and since I bought a five pound bag I will be looking forward to trying it at different levels of roasts.

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by on July 18, 2019

Far better than store bought coffee.

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by on January 1, 2010

When I read the description "a Kenyan that moved to Columbia" I was doubtful....but when I tasted these beans, that is exactly the description that came to mind! Muted chocolate notes followed by Earl Grey/jasmine notes. The more the coffee cools, the more it resembles a Kenyan ex-pat living in Columbia. A great marriage of two of my favorite regions! A really tasty and unique coffee.

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