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Brazil Sweet Yellow Detarra Estate


Flavor Profile

Cupping Notes
Good underlying acidity and medium body. The coffee offers a refreshing, clean-sweet aftertaste.

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  • CategoryConventional
  • CountryBrazil
  • Local RegionSouth America
  • ProcessSemi Washed
  • VarietyMundo Nuovo, Catuai, Bourbon
  • Altitude (meters)1,150 masl
  • Organic CertificationNo
  • Fair Trade CertifiedNo
  • Rainforest Alliance CertifiedYes
  • DecaffeinatedNo
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raw green bean Green coffee is raw Roast prior to consumption

Daterra’s Sweet Yellow has a delightful nutty sweetness expected from a semi-washed bean. Daterra Farms, the bean’s origin, was not only the very first Brazilian farm to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification but the first farm in the world to reach “Level A,” the RFA’s highest possible grading. For decades, Daterra has been protecting flora and fauna, saving and recycling water, and preserving the forests around them. When it comes to sustainability, Daterra Farms is king.

Cupping Notes: Medium body, good acidity, and intense sweetness with notes of nut and butter.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating
February 24, 2024

I don’t consider myself very knowledgeable about different coffees, but tend to like Costa Rican coffee such as Hacienda LaAmistad very much. This coffee, although different, is very good. I roasted to medium dark and it has a very nice flavor. I’d buy again

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March 29, 2023

Beautiful beans. The are gems, sweet and alkaline finish.

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July 4, 2022

It is nutty and buttery and wonderful like tarrazu but the end of the sip has a floral aroma that makes it perfect. A lighter roast shows off the nutty and buttery flavors. A darker roast shows off the floral aroma. Medium dark roast seems to be a perfect balance. This is my new favorite coffee for the family and I share it with all my friends.

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December 28, 2021

Updated Review: Roasted 25 seconds into second crack with my new SR800 with extension tube. Sweet and smooth. What a difference a little change makes!

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December 25, 2021

Great Bean! Lots of nutty flavor at a light-medium roast. Does really well when paired with a bean that can add more body to each sip so the nuttiness can hit your taste buds.

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December 4, 2021

Bought 3#s based on the great reviews. However, I am not a fan. I’ve tried 3 different roast profiles from City to just into SC to past SC. I am not tasting any sweetness whatsoever. It’s drinkable but not a good one for pour over when there are other Brazilian coffees that are so much better. Maybe best suited for espresso.

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September 16, 2021

These beans are fantastic. I roasted my first batch a couple weeks ago and since I have really come to love this stuff. Both for pour over and aeropress, these produce a wonderful, smooth, buttery sweet cup. Low acidity but still well-bodied, I found this to be my new go to. I'll be reordering, no doubt.

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September 12, 2020

Wonderful sweet, nutty, coffee. A nice brightness. Roasted it around a medium. Gonna try a dark roast next. Definitely will order more.

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August 17, 2020

Very good coffee. I love the dark roast as I can drink it without cream and sugar. Such great nutty aromas coming off this bean!

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May 29, 2020

I roasted it till it is chocolate milky colored, grinder more finer because of the lighter color and the result: Good Stuff! someone said it had a gorgeous sweet nut and a clean-sweat after taste and low acidity at this roast, I totally confirm it. I will surely buy more of this in the feature.

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August 30, 2019

Liked this just a wee bit better than their "Sweet Blue" (both roasted medium dark) but both are excellent coffees.

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