Introducing Our Latest Rwandan Coffee!

We added our first Rwandan in June 2018. You loved it so much, we've hand-selected two more for our line-up!

Known as "The Land of a Thousand Hills," Rwanda has an ideal climate with high altitudes and rich soils perfect for growing coffee.

When coffee was originally introduced to Rwanda in the 1930s, the focus was on producing quantity over quality. Now, after the coffee price crisis and genocide, amazing coffee has become a centerpiece of the Rwandan renaissance.

The beans are typically grown by small farms and double wet-processed in smaller washing stations. This double washing process creates bright, fruity, clean notes, typical of Rwandan coffee. Our Rwandan green coffee beans are well balanced and have medium acidity

Rwanda Mabaro Washed

  • Taste red apple, hibiscus, dried fig, berry fruitiness, sweet orange, and cocoa.
  • Clean and crisp with citrus-like acidity that is more mellow than Kenyans and Ethiopians.

Rwanda Mushonyi Washed

  • Fruit and mild spice!
  • Crisp, deeply sweet with pretty floral and stonefruit notes throughout.
  • Acidity is that of candied citrus. We love this at City to Full City roast.

Rwanda Hingakawa

  • Fair Trade
  • Women Owned Co-Op
  • Clean, crisp, and balanced cup!
  • Wine-like profile, with pleasantly complex acidity of sweet, orange-lemony citrus and a tiny hint of tobacco.