How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home Like a Pro

Somehow, nitrogen gas has shaped one of the latest coffee trends. While nitro cold brew cannot be found at every coffee shop, it is one of the most satisfying cups of coffee you’ll have. With a smooth finish, rich feel, and low acidity, what is not to love about nitro cold brew. 

What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Think of a Guinness beer on tap and then convert that into the coffee. That is a nitro cold brew. Nitro cold brew is cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen through a pressurized valve during the brewing process and served from a keg or tap. It’s sweeter and richer than cold brew with small bubbles throughout.

The nitrogen adds a frothy, milky layer that sinks from the top to the bottom in a cascade, making a great-tasting cup of coffee that packs a punch with high caffeine content yet having a smooth finish.

At only 5 calories per 12oz., nitro cold brew is great for those who want a sweet, silky cup of coffee without the high acidity and high-calorie count. No dairy or sugar is needed. And, since nitrogen is a preservative, it keeps the brew tasting fresh for more than a year.

Differences between Nitro Cold Brew & (Regular) Cold Brew

Nitro cold brew is made from a base of cold brew, so it expands on cold brew’s great characteristics. While both are smooth and flavorful, nitro is creamier and richer. Like cold brew, nitro is only slightly acidic.

But nitro tastes less like pure, regular coffee, compared to the authentic flavors of cold brew. Nitro is often served without ice to show off the foam head, while the cold brew is often poured over ice.

How is Nitro Cold Brew Made?

Nitro cold brew coffee is simply cold brew infused with nitrogen through a pressurized valve, served from a keg or tap. Setting up a nitro cold brew system is not easy with all of the faucets, tubes, hoses, gas tanks, and keg connectors, nor is it cheap coming in at around $1,500 for a system. Meanwhile, the customer price per cup of nitro cold brew is around $5 or $6, which many deem too expensive to splurge on. 

How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home

If you want to make a nitro cold brew at home, you must start with a cold brew base. 

Making a Cold Brew Concentrate: Mix coarse coffee grounds and room temperature water at a 1:1 ratio in a cold brew maker. Seal up the container and let it sit for 12-24 hours before filtering out the grounds. Add water to the concentrate to get your desired coffee strength. 

Making Cold Brew into Nitro Cold Brew: Pour the cold brew into a small keg or a whipped cream dispenser and seal it. 

Whipped Cream Dispenser: Charge the whipped cream dispenser with one or two nitrous oxide chargers and shake for 30 seconds. Twice de-gas the container of oxygen by pressing down until no more air comes out. Then, pour and enjoy! 

Mini Keg: Purge the keg of oxygen the first time that you use a gas cartridge, so all the flavors are sealed in. Shake well to mix the gas and coffee. Then, serve!

You can also add cream, liquor, or milk if you want to. No matter what, nitro cold brew is hard to beat. 


There are so many different ways to brew coffee. If you’re trying to save money and not buy out as much, it’s fun to try some different brewing methods at home. Nitro cold brew gives you a sweet, rich cup of coffee that is unlike any other coffee you’ve had.