Kopi Luwak - The World's Most Expensive Coffee Beans

Specific to Indonesia, Kopi Luwak coffee is processed by wild Asian Palm Civets. The Civets find the ripest and freshest coffee cherries and through the magic of their digestive enzymes, they break down the beans.

Once they've "deposited" the beans, the beans are collected, washed thoroughly, and processed.

The unique and delicious taste of this coffee is truly a treat. You wouldn't guess that they've been digested, just that there is a notable lack of bitterness and acidity, making this a coffee you could enjoy cup after cup!

We wanted you to know our impressions for the Kopi Luwak when we cupped it:

Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to cup Kopi Luwak coffee. Despite our reservations, we were blown away! The cup was beautiful with a super silky body and strong, chocolate and cherry notes. Here's a full list of the cupping notes we tasted:

Cupping Notes: Chocolate aroma, strawberry, and wild cherry with notes of Milky Way caramel and chocolate in the finish. Creamy, silky body with no bitterness and very low acidity.

While we don't carry any Kopi Luwak coffee (it's incredibly rare and hard to get your hands on - makes sense why!), we do source some coffees with similar tasting notes. We compiled a short list of similar coffees to try when you have the chance. If you've had Kopi Luwak coffee before, let us know how they compare!

Grown in the beautiful Antigua Valley, the Guatemala Bella Carmona is our first pick. This delightful blend of Bourbon coffee cherries perfectly encapsulates the Zelayas family's decades of coffee farming experience. The cupping notes are chocolate, caramel, nuts, orange citrus, and blackberry with a strong body and moderate sweetness.

Next is the ever-popular Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Cultivated by a team of farmers focused on sustainability and quality, this Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has the environment on its side with high altitude growing regions, ample rainfall, and rich, volcanic soil. This coffee is deeply aromatic with notes of chocolate, blackberries, and currant, paired with a smooth, velvety body and mild acidity. 

Last, but definitely not least, is our Brazi Fazenda Da Lagoa Natural. Grown in a natural reserve of woodlands, pastures, and fresh mountain springs, these Arabica coffee beans represent over 200 years of coffee tradition and scientific farming techniques, creating a delightful coffee experience. Characterized by a well-rounded acidity and good body, the Brazil Fazenda Da Lagoa has a pleasant sweetness, good complexity, and notes of chocolate and nuts. 

While none of these coffees are a Kopi Luwak, they are high quality with a chocolate aroma and underlying sweetness - characteristics of a Kopi Luwak. They're also much easier to get your hands on and incredibly delicious. You'll definitely have to give them a try!

Now that we've told you all about our cupping experience, let's dive into how Kopi Luwak coffee is made.

How the most expensive coffee is made...

Maybe don't think about the "how" on this coffee too much - otherwise, you may miss out on just how delicious this coffee really is!

And if you ever have the chance, make sure to try this delightfully unique (albeit weirdly processed) coffee and let us know what you think!