CBS Yemeni Coffee Spotlight

Jane Pauley and CBS recently ran a little segment on just how great Yemeni coffee is. The brief overview the video gives on the coffee is a nice introduction to the history and current difficulty given the war there now. This bean often flies under the radar, but if you’ve ever had a cup yourself, you know what we are talking about; a complex cup of fruit, vanilla, chocolate and more awaits! You can check out the video…

If your interest has been peaked and you want to try roasting Yemeni coffee beans yourself, we are lucky enough to have a few different selections of Yemeni coffee available for you to purchase and try!

Red Sea Blend

This is a curated blend of Yemeni & Ethiopian beans, which coincidentally sit on opposite sides of the Red Sea. This bean takes to light roasting very well with cupping notes of fruits and berries.

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Mocca Khulani Natural

“Khulani” is a term much like Kona is to Hawaiian coffee; indicating a high-quality, heirloom variety. This bean is considered exemplary of all of Yemeni coffee with cupping notes rich oak, apricot, milk chocolate, and summer berries.

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