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All Green Coffee Beans

All our coffees are green/unroasted, specialty-grade Arabica beans (with the exception of an occasional Robusta for use in espresso blends...or those who want a real jolt!).

We move a lot of coffee, so you can always count on it being fresh.

Also remember that coffee is a crop, so when we run out of a particular coffee it might not be available again until the next crop year if the next crop is up to our standards.

Tanzania Peaberry
Timor FTO Royal Select Decaf
Timor Organic - Maubesse - (FT) Fair Trade coffee
Uganda Mt Elgon
A touch of Brazil nut in the cup, but sweet and mild, and boasting a deep, earthy, woody mouthfeel.
Dark chocolate, red fruit, velvety body, incredibly complex - like a fine port.
Yemen Mocca - Sanani
Earthiness with hints of cocoa, nuts, and caramel.

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